I've been informed that many users are having pointless, petty arguements. My question is; "Why?". What started it, and why should it continue? The answer is it shouldn't continue. Why are you plotting against one another? I've been informed of people trying to chew each other out of chats and intentionally trying to get one another to leave. Just everyone drop the petty hate and forgive and forget. If I hear any more issues from the chat, including trying to chew one another out, serious action will be taken. Having people going against each other will no longer be tolerated. So everyone drop all forms of hatred and just get along. Nitz was blocked for 1 day for harassment of other users and if behaviour keeps up like that, I might have to turn off the chat for a little while.

As for the users who left, I ask you to come back as it is only making the problem worse. I'm not going to force you to come back, all I'm doing is saying it will help greatly.

Thanks for reading.