Starblitz is a Male pegusi from the small Pegusi settlement of Fuhrer. despite his less than masculane appearence, he is far stronger than the normal Pegusi, keeping up with any pegusi soldier in Hoof-to-Hoof combat. His mane is normally solid black with a long purple streak going out in his tail and mane, however he has covered this up with "stylish" Black and Green stripes.


Starblitz without clothes

He never left Fuhrer until he was called to go fight in a war that the pegusi secretly waged against an emeny that is still unknown. He knows the horror of war and refuses to speak about them, silently allowing his past to twist his mind.

Social outlook

Socially, Starblitz is extremely awkward. he is a talanted public speaker and an excellent leader. He tends to always have a plan of some sort in mind, and his tactics tend to work at least as well as he hopes, if not better. He is able to carry on both intra and intro personal converstations extremely well.

He does have a few social issues however that prevent him from being the charasmatic angel he should be.

  1. He has a madddening fear of BEING touched. Being touched my anyone in any way will often cause him to become more hostile than he normally would be. Being touched sexually will always result in violence or extreme hostility, as he refuses to be in such a situation.
  2. He feels other ponies are inferior to him. He looks down on them and sees them as expendable unless proven otherwise, and even then they are only good until a better pony comes along. He never allows others to see this, but it is always nagging at the back of his mind.
  3. He is a breedist, seeing Pegusi as the true and powerful race that should rule Equestria for it's own good. He has little respect for Unicorns or Earth ponies.



Starblitz after his descent into madness.

Starblitz long ago fell into madness. many factors caused this, and they have left his brain warped and twisted. he is unable to differciante between pain and pleasure, and any family he meets will be responded to with cold indifference. After many years of this twisted madness, he was forced to leave Fuhrer and travel to Ponyville. This is perhaps the last straw that caused him to crack in a long list of terrible deeds inflicted to him. After this happened, he spent a night alone on the road, where he brainwashed his own mind against itself. After this event, he no longer carred for his body, and became a regular cutter, drinker, and if he could somehow find a way to get the meat without being captured, Cannabal. There is no longer any remorse for his actions, and he keeps to himself as often as he can, drawing pictures of whatever he happens to see through the vision of his depressed mind as he aspires to join an art school that has already denied him.