Rule Number 0.

Leave your morals at the door.

Rule Number 1.

We are all Brothers and Sisters here. Love and Tolerate.

Rule Number 2.

No Links to NSFW Pl0t without NSFW.

Rule Number 3.

Don't Threaten Real Life harm, Unless the person asks...

Rule Number 4.

These rules will be changed everyday by someone. No Exceptions.

Rule Number 5.

Everypony loves Rainbow Dash, No exceptions.

Rule Number 5.5.

Scootaloo Loves Rainbow Dash More.

Rule Number 6.

No Multi Accounts, Unless each account has a different IP... even then...

Rule Number 7.

Rarity is a Sl*t.

Rule Number 8.

*******FlutterBitch Was Here*******

Rule Number 9.

SOPA is a crime.

Rule Number 10.

Rules 1 through 4 cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Rule Number 11

All None RP related comments must be kept in ().

Rule Number 11.3

Extrenurating circumstances nullify this rule.

Rule Number 11.5

Do not Exceed ((()))

Rule Number 12.


Rule Number 13

AJ is a slut.

Rule Number 19.

Twilight Likes it in her chocolate hole.

Rule number 20.

JSolars is Straight, No exceptions (or, are there? 0_0)

Rule Number 21.

We Do SUPPORT SOPA, with all of our hearts.

Rule Number 34.

If you don't know this rule, Your Kickbanned, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rule Number 35.

Richtofan Is a Girl.

Rule Number 36.

Nitz X is Bisexual, No Exceptions.

Rule 37.

Frosty is nub, No Exceptions.

Rule 38.

Clopping > everything.

Rule 39.

Nitz is Never in the space of tenthousand years or even in the event that we had more than the normal number of x number of leap years filled with y numbers of normal years times the power of trollz taken to the power of twigy divided by panzer minus the v value of solars is Nitz more nub than Frosty, NO EXECPTIONS.

Rule 40.

Not editing the rules is treason

Rule number 41.

No furries allowed.

Rule 42

Trollz is an idiot