General Rules

There are several rules you must know, and I have listed them here.

1. Do not RP other characters.

2. You are not a god. You cannot act like a god. I am sorry, I do not have the power to make you a god.

3. DM overrules the book rules, NO EXCPETIONS, I GOT THE POWER

4. The DM is friendly, and will likely compromise with players on all occassions.

5. If it is Dark, you might be eaten by a grue.

6.NPC (non Playable Characters) are yours to command, mine to control. you cannot tell and annoying NPC to kill themselves and expect them to do it.

7. Scores for your stats can not be rerolled after the game starts.

8. you are not allowed to rape each other or have sex in the middle of the street. I will make the police drag you off and put you in jail for a day or so. your Alignment. if you are evil, you're evil. if you are good, you are good.


11. Askign another player their alignment is like shoving a stick wrapped in barb wire up their ass and asking if it hurts. it's fucking rude, so don't do it.

12. You many not talk about anything related to the game while it is going on inside brackets. All coverstation and communication must be visable on main chat and it must be outside brackets. Your Characters have to talk if they need to communicate, they cannot simply pause the game and talk it over with a kit kat bar. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT, YOU WILL BE EATEN BY A GRUE.